A full shoot of your property inclusive of Interior, exterior, gardens, driveways and also detail shots if required.

Two hours approximate shoot time



Do you just need shots of the property from the outside? I'd be happy to pop along and take a selection of shots to add to your collection. As well as daytime, there are twilight and night-time options too.

One hour approximate shoot time



An exterior twilight shoot of your property, to make it stand out from the crowd.

30 minutes - one hour shoot time



If you just need the inside of your property photographed, or require only a few rooms for whatever reason, choose this option.

One hour approximate shoot time



The garden is likely to be the shining jewel of your property, and anyone looking to purchase a house with a beautiful garden will also be searching for stunning photos that encapsulate this.

One hour approximate shoot time



A detailed digital measurement and diagram of your property interior, provided as a final PDF format.

30 minutes approximate time


If you are interested in longer shoot times, corporate, advertising and print photography, or indeed anything else please contact me by phone or email to discuss your requirements, and I can then formulate a quote based

on your specific needs.

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